Friday, 3 April 2015

BANDA DE LA MUERTE are ready to shake 2015 with the launch of their new record “8894”.

BANDA DE LA MUERTE are streaming their new album "8894" on bandcamp though its official release date is April 15th. They just couldn't wait to show to the world what they did under the guidance of the great Jack Endino! The marvelous illustration on the cover is drawn by Pat Moriarity. 

The album release party will be held at The Roxy in Buenos Aires on April 15th 2015.

With the album title, the band gives a nod to the old school but it also connects them to their own musical roots, highlighting a period of seven years that profoundly marked them when they were teenagers. Thus, one could listen to how two decades can co exist without clashing: Hardcore-Punk from the late eighties, Alternative Rock from the early nineties and underpinned with a trace of Heavy Metal, all of thes sounds entwined to create a record that delves deeply into the past and then bursts into the present.

The band was blessed by the presence and magnetic personality of Jack Endino, a legendary producer with a very broad background, “Bleach” by Nirvana being his milestone amongst hundreds of others. His first time working with an Argentinian band tested both his knowledge and experience whilst working to understand and decode the influences and objectives of these four seasoned personalities.

The nine songs included in the album sound raw and essential, alternating from ultra-speeds to insistent mid-tempo. Carrying rhythmic accuracy, its freshness derives from the urgent ten day recording session at Estudio El Attic, where it was recorded and mixed in December 2014.

With “8894” Banda de la Muerte takes another firm and definite step. The band is not afraid to include piano, acoustic guitars and tambourines to enhance the crushing and well placed sound. Its leading heart-rending voice is at the front with lyrics telling harsh and claimable stories. The cover art, drawn by the great illustrator Pat Moriarity, hints at the sonic assault that awaits with every single song.

Banda de la Muerte was born at the end of 2008. It is a quartet that has been constantly evolving. In 6 years, the band has forged a solid path which includes two records opening the way: the eponymous album in 2009; Pulso de una Mente Maldita in 2012, released on 180 gram vinyl 7"; and the EP “Seis Canciones”, an original and colourful tribute to the Argentinean Rock of the 70’s, which saw the light of day as a picture disc. This format is a pretty unconventional one in the latitudes they come from.

Furthermore, Banda de la Muerte treasure two European Tours in 2012 and 2013, in the latter being part of Freak Valley festival. The very same year, they played the infamous Porão do Rock festival in Brazil sharing stage with artists such as Suicidal Tendencies, Mark Lanegan, The Mono Men and Soulfly. But the most important fact is that the band could look inwards, and in 2012 founded their own cycle of concerts, “El Club de la Muerte” which month after month rocked Uniclub, earning them a place in the scene. “El Club de la Muerte” evolved and after 11 editions moved to The Roxy Live to continue sponsoring the highlights of the local underground.

“8894”, the new album of Banda de la Muerte that will be released on vinyl, CD and cassette crystallizes as their best material to date. Its flashing and accurate 34 minutes ripen into an unmistakable identity, raising for themselves the flag as representatives of their style. This will be the launch of an invigorating new era for “La Muerte”, new era that will see them undertaking their third tour on the old continent in October 2015 to be also the hosts and residents in their outstanding monthly cycle. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

PALE HORSEMAN: Heavy Planet Premieres “Conquistador” Video. Third Album Studio Announcement.

Today, Heavy Planet is hosting the premiere of the music video “Conquistador” by the Chicago sludge band Pale Horseman. The song comes from the band’s second album “Mourn The Black Lotus” and is produced by  independent film production company Addovolt Productions led by writer-director Derek Quint (

Video can be watched exclusively at HEAVY PLANET blog here

Pale Horseman has blocked out studio time throughout March and April to record their third full length album. Recording and mixing will again be done by Dennis Pleckham of BONGRIPPER at his Comatose Studio in Bradley, Illinois. Mastering will be done by Noah Landis of NEUROSIS & CHRIST ON PARADE in Ulysses Sound Lab studio.

The as of yet untitled album will consist of 5 songs/45 minutes and will be the band's first vinyl release. They are planning for a fall release date.

PALE HORSEMAN are taking their influences from bands as GODFLESH, NEUROSIS, CARCASS, AUTOPSY and SLEEP to name a few and have independently released two albums to date. The band blends depressing sludge heaviness, pummelling riffs, and dual vocals with an industrial vibe to draw the listener in with a misanthropic world view and lyrical themes influenced by apocalyptic and paranormal subject matters.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

PALE HORSEMAN: "Mourn The Black Lotus" to be released on 07.07.2014

PALE HORSEMAN's second album Mourn The Black Lotus will be released on 07.07.2014 on CD and digital. Cover artwork by Chris Flynn (

Monday, 3 June 2013

CULTURA TRES Release New Video For “Es Mi Sangre”

The South American sludge metal keeps showing its ugly face - following the premiere of Cultura Tres' third album "Rezando Al Miedo" the Venezuelans come up with the first video supporting this release.

"Es Mi Sangre" displays once more the band's twisted, uncomfortable take on the genre. A more melodic side of Cultura Tres can be heard, but in this instance it is darker and more disturbing. 

The imagery of the video has been enhanced by the paintings of Damian Michaels; an artist known for his vast collection of dark surrealism. Damian's art blends perfectly with the Latin American witchery vibe which is omnipresent within the style of Cultura Tres.

Watch “Es Mi Sangre” here:

Stream in full and download “Rezando Al Miedo”:
For more info and upcoming tour dates visit:

Thursday, 4 April 2013

BANDA DE LA MUERTE Releases "Seis Canciones". European Tour Scheduled in May.

They say travel broadens the mind, and there is some truth in this phrase because the 2012 European tour brought a new perspective to the career of Banda de la Muerte. So many miles traveled in the old world allowed the understanding that there is another distance impossible to be measured in miles or fuel where they were coming from. This distance had to be traveled so they could discover that part of the DNA which has always been there and was sheltered on vinyl for over 40 years. So with the firm intention to pursue the path they went back in time to rediscover their own roots, their ancestors, their local heroes. The result is “Seis Canciones”.

The 70s Argentine rock cemented with its experimental richness what the world then knew as Rock in Spanish …. or Rock Nacional for the Argentines, and this album of six songs extracts some of the best cards of this fortune of introspective exploration, it is a trip to the depths where one could find enshrined local heroes and forgotten martyrs and above all, the ancestry of the Banda de la Muerte members reflected in the past four decades.

It would be unfair to label "Seis Canciones" as a tribute album. It is rather an honestly and intelligently arranged piece of work, where the choice of songs avoids the clichéd greatest hits label and in doing so unearths hidden gems by Miguel Cantilo and Grupo Sur, Orion's Beethoven, Contraluz and Sacramento (a band with short life but which brought undoubted value to music and which was founded by the keyboardist Ciro Fogliatta and Alfredo Toth after the breaking up of Los Gatos). In relation to this Fogliatta adds a note to the pages of Latin American rock history by participating on keyboards in the Banda de la Muerte’s version of "Reunidos en el Cuarto”. The stainless “Abelardo el Pollo” y “Era de tontos” provide the obligatory presence of Pappo's Blues and Luis Alberto Spinetta…..

The album is produced by Banda de la Muerte and recorded live in Buenos Aires in January 2013 by Gonzalo “Pájaro” Rainoldi with the assistance of Ivan Caplan. The mastering was done by Justin Weis in Trakworx, San Francisco. The album will be released in May 2013 in a vinyl picture disc format through Venado Records and Noiseground.

Banda de la Muerte have scheduled a new European tour in May 2013 and on these concerts they will present the material from “Seis Canciones” with the firm conviction to spread their interpretation of the pieces that forged the Argentinean rock music scene.

Confirmed dates so far:

10-5 Lubbenau (DE) @ Kulturhof
11-5 Hamburg (DE) @ Empore Buchholz
12-5 Antwerp (BE) @ Antwerp Music City
14-5 Leuven (BE) @ Rockbar Leuven
16-5 Amsterdam (NL)@ Vinger w/ Pendejo
17-5 Eindhoven (NL) @ Altstadt w/ Pendejo
18-5 Confolens (FR) Zombie Girl Boogie Fest 
19-5 Madrid (SP) @ Jimmy Jazz
21-5 Barcelona (SP)@ Be Good
22-5 Saint Etienne FR) @ Thunderbird Lounge 42
23-5 Karlsruhe (DE) @ Alte Hackerei
24-5 Erfurt (DE) @ Headschrinkerfestival
26-5 St Gallen (CH) @ Rumpeltum
30-5 Leeuwarden (NL) @ Mukkes
31-5 Netphen (DE) @ Freak Valley Festival

"Seis Canciones" Tracklist:

“Abelardo el Pollo” -  originally from “Volumen IV” (1973) by Pappo’s Blues
“Las imágenes que ves entre las nubes” – originally  from Miguel Cantilo & Grupo Sur (1973) by Miguel Cantilo
“Niño del tercer milenio” - originally from “Tercer Milenio” (1977) by Orion's Beethoven
“Era de tontos” - originally from “Spinettalandia y Sus Amigos” (1971) Luis Alberto Spinetta
“La sarna del viento” - originally from “Americanos” (1973) by Contraluz
“Reunidos en el cuarto” - originally from “Sacramento” (1972) by Sacramento

Thursday, 7 March 2013

S.I.M.B.: Debut Album Available For Streaming and Download. CD Pre-Orders From Ozium Records Live Now.

“Monday Superblues”, the new album of the Dutch based heavy rock quartet S.I.M.B., is now available for streaming and download from bandcamp ( The record was produced by Joey Z and is set to be released as a Digipack CD via the Swedish label Ozium Records on March 25th. The CD can already be pre-ordered at this location

S.I.M.B.’s debut is a solid fuzzy doom album with southern flavour and fat grooves, an intense and immensely memorable ride. “Monday Superblues” features guest appearances from Matt Lynch (Snail), Joey Z (Life Of Agony, Carnivore), Busty (Bastardolomey), Jonathan van der Haak (I-Reject) & more.

The release was recorded by Joey Z at Excess studios in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, with the engineering assistance of Hans Peters. Joey also mixed the record in his NYC studio Method Of Groove. Mastering was done by the US veteran Don Zientara (Fugazi, Bad Brains) at Inner Ear Studios, DC.

Next to his guest appearance and post production assistance, Matt Lynch made the graphic design of the CD. The unique cover artwork was created by Gino Angelov from Diamond Jack Tattoo Parlour, London.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

CULTURA TRES Unveil New Album Details And Artwork. Announce European Tour Dates.

The Venezuelan psychedelic sludge act Cultura Tres will release their new album entitled “Rezando Al Miedo” on May 15th 2013. The cover artwork for the band’s third full-length is taken from the painting “Day of Judgement” by the remarkably talented artist Damian Michaels.

“Rezando Al Miedo” doesn't walk away from the mood their previous record “El Mal Del Bien” had, yet the songs tell a different story. Darkness exhausts itself into depression; the album is a journey inside the collective subconsciousness, a walk on the edges of sanity, between the illusive religious relief and acceptance of death as a clear end. Music explores the extremes of the artistic expression, more dynamic than ever, from the harshness of the thrashing roots of the band to the polyphonic movie soundtrack approach that characterizes Cultura Tres. The band has never been afraid to take chances and this album proves it. The brooding cocktail of classic psychedelic rock, 90's death metal and gloomy grunge makes their South American Sludge a unique recipe.

The eight songs orchestrate to the detail the emotions of every word sang, yet this isn't a record that comes to tell a full story. Instrumental parts often let the thoughts of the listener ask their own questions, give their own answers, explore their own fears.....

The album was produced, mixed and mastered by Alejandro Londono and recorded in Cultura Tres studios by Juan De Ferrari and Alejandro Londono. ”Rezando Al Miedo”, will be released on CD in UK by Devouter Records  and in South America by the Argentinean label Cumpa Records. The digital version of the record will be available on the same date as well.
The dates for the Cultura Tres’ first European performances for 2013 can be seen below. Stay tuned for further updates as more shows get confirmed!

20.03 - The Netherlands, Amsterdam @ The Cave
22.03 - Germany, Cologne @ MTC Cologne
23.03 - Czech Republic, Cheb @ Jazzrock Café
28.03 - Austria, Vienna @ EKH
30.03 - Luxemburg, Dudelange @ Why not?
31.03 - France, Paris @ Les Combustibles
09.04 - France, Saint-Etienne @ Thunderbird Lounge 42
13.04 - Spain, Barcelona @ Be Good

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

CULTURA TRES: La Amenaza que se Arrastra. The Obelisk review

"Originally released on vinyl in South America last year, Venezuelan four-piece Cultura Tres’ second album, El Mal del Bien, arrives on CD/LP under the banner of UK imprint Devouter Records. It is the latest in a series of impressive achievements from the atmospheric sludgers, who also made a stop at Desertfest in London this year (review here) on a European tour that might have been their first but wasn’t their last. Their La Cura debut arrived in 2008 and immediately established their aggressive take, and was well received in South America and beyond. The tracks on El Mal del Bien (“the bad from the good”) were recorded in 2010, so it may well be that Cultura Tres have already moved past the album’s atmospherically dense lurch in their writing, but as their newest release to date, it’s nonetheless relevant, particularly as the band has taken the last couple years to work vehemently on promotion with big shows, videos and so on. The most immediately striking aspect of the 10-track/51:38 outing is its overarching darkness......."

BANDA DE LA MUERTE: Interview for Vorterix Rock

Interview with Banda de la Muerte for the show Vorterix Rock, broadcasted by one of the leading Argentinean radio station Vorterix, can be watched HERE (in Spanish)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Cultura Tres “El Mal Del Bien” Album Released Today Through Devouter Records. UK dates

“El Mal Del Bien”, the mind-bending sophomore album of the Venezuela's Cultura Tres, originally issued by the band in 2011, is being re-released today on CD by the UK based label Devouter Records. Devouter has recently released on vinyl debut albums by Make and Galvano and has some more intriguing offerings in the pipeline.

“El Mal Del Bien” is a highly versatile trip filled with oppressive passages and hypnotic rhythms, engaging bass lines, drawn out sludgy riffs occasionally entwined with classic solos and trash/death assaults; all this enriched by the double guitar interplay and discordancy - the Cultura Tres imprint, and multi-faced vocal styles. The album has received glowing reviews from all over the world, describing it as “a musical revelation for those tired of the usual” (Captain Beyond Zen), way heavier than ever before” (Doommantia), haunting and mesmerizing" (Metal Underground), "pretty much flawless" (Terrorizer) and “a solid gold sludge doom masterpiece that deserves to be heard” (Sonic Abuse), to mention but a few.

The CD edition of “El Mal Del Bien”contains two tracks who could be found only digitally by now and don’t appear on the vinyl version of the album. The release comes as a 4-panel Digipack CD with the original “El Mal Del Bien” cover art and full lyrics. Both CD and Vinyl can be ordered directly from Devouter Records and are distributed via Shellshock commercial partners, and will soon be available from Record Heaven, Sweden. The album can be streamed in full HERE

To support the release Cultura Tres will play in UK on the following dates:
Nov 15th - The Hole in The Wall, Colchester (w/ Telepathy & Old Man Lizard)
Nov 17th - The Asylum 2, Birmingham (w/ Slabdragger, Undersmile, Bastard of the Skies & more)
Nov 16th - The Purple Turtle, London (w/ Abrahma, Enos, Telepathy & more)