Tuesday, 7 February 2012

BANDA DE LA MUERTE and CULTURA TRES: reviews on Loud Stuff

Two amazing reviews on "El Mal Del Bien" and Banda de la Muerte's self-titled albums. Thanks Dave!

On "El Mal Del Bien":

".........I keep thinking this but it’s hard to put into words, if you could imagine the likes of Alice In Chains, but with Zakk Wylde or Dimebag on guitar, and Joe Jordison drumming, then you’re getting somewhere close to the sort of sound these guys have got – it’s technical and advanced yet also sludgy, dirty and downright heavy! Tres Seis Diez Dos is another perfect example of this, pushing a track which, if it were a little more laid back, could easily fit into a different genre, yet with the power these guys have harnessed it’s transformed into something else, a new heavy genre which I don’t even know how to describe – so to put it simply – it’s good!.........."

On "Banda de la Muerte":

".........There’s something insanely catchy about the melody which this track adopts, I can’t put my finger on it but this is one which regardless of the lyrics, you’re going to want to witness on the live scene. Los Ojos Del Diablo soon confirms your thoughts and launches you into a bass heavy mix of guitar lines, hammering drums and distorted vocal lines, the whole mix once again coming together to form something which is going to keep you awake at night. The darkness of this track is striking as you listen to it, there’s that raw anguish running through the music which you want to hear more of, even though you begin to question whether you should or not....."