Tuesday, 7 February 2012

BANDA DE LA MUERTE featured on Heavy Planet

"Along with fellow Sludge merchants Cultura Tres, Banda de la Muerte have put a stranglehold on the South American Sludge metal scene. Playing each note with wreckless abandon, the band tears it up with it's Latin flair and pushes the boundaries of metal. Stoner rock grooves seep through the harrowing fist of doom as hardcore punk attitude uppercuts you in the jaw. Even though the music is aggressive, there is quite a bit of melody that shines through. Banda de la Muerte is one of those bands that will require multiple listens to fully realize their potential, maybe it is the language barrier thing, who knows? All that I know is that Banda de la Muerte is ready to embed their bootprint of Sludge into your skull. Are you ready?!"