Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CULTURA TRES - Doommantia review of "El Mal Del Bien"

An amazingly detailed review by the renowned Doommantia (who gave the album 9/10!!). You should read this webzine more anyway, they are a great gateway to new music!! 
"My first encounter with Cultura Tres was in my early days at the Sludgeswamp in 2009, not long after Cultura Tres’ d├ębut full-length album La Cura had been spread around in the net everywhere in the world following some articles on big heavy metal magazines. The arrival of Cultura Tres on the world scene in 2008 has been quite amazing and quick, and has brought these four guys into a very long, 18 months-long (!) world tour, including the participation to a Metal Hammer’s sponsored gig as special guests in London. And actually paging through an oldish, early 2009 number of Metal Hammer, i.e. all in all a rather mainstream heavy metal magazine, caused my unexpected encounter with these hombres and their still underground-rooted band.

The first steps of Cultura Tres guys into the world heavy music scene has been a promise for what then has come....."
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