Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CULTURA TRES - Dr. Doom's Lair and more kind words on "El Mal Del Bien"

Dr. Doom gives us this:

"Cultura Tres is a four-piece from the land of the beautiful women and social instability that is Venezuela. It seems like the album itself follows Venezuela as it is built around the concept of diversity as the name implies. Really slow, downtuned parts give turn to angry heavy sequences. You get the picture. It has happened before. Yet, this guys present something interesting here. Their style is a nice blend of groups of different genres and styles so in a way it is something unique. You’ll listen to some desperation in the way Neurosis depict it, some anger the way Sepultura express it, even some chaos the way modern death metal bands want it. I really loved the false tones of guitar and songs like “El Sur de la Fe” might get stuck to your mind even though the main riff is totally weird! Half English, half Spanish lyrics are totally awesome and I think the band should experiment with this half-half style more!"

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