Monday, 20 February 2012

CULTURA TRES: "El Mal Del Bien" review on Sonic Abuse

 More nice words about the album coming from Philip Stiles and the UK webzine Sonic Abuse

"‘El mal del bien’ is a short album, but in its brevity lies the key – there is not a single weak moment, not a dropped note or over-milked passage. The band simply set up, unleash hell, and then vanish again before you’re even really aware of the damage that has been done. Each and every song here is unique, beautiful, ugly and disturbing – as if the band poured their very hearts and souls into the recording process and wrung themselves out whilst doing so. Emotion and feeling drips from every note and by practising themselves into the ground Cultura Tres have reached an enviable level of instrumental perfection to match their undoubted ambition. This is a solid gold sludge doom masterpiece that deserves to be heard – and if you are in any doubt as to the veracity of my review the video for ‘Purified’ can be watched at the foot of this post. Available as vinyl and as a high-quality download (including four bonus tracks) this will easily return in end of year lists as having been one of THE metal release of 2012 – catch it while you can (here), Cultura Tres are simply phenomenal."

Read the whole review HERE