Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CULTURA TRES featured on METAL HAMMER Global Metal CD

Venezuelan doom metal band Cultura Tres featured on the Metal Hammer UK compilation CD

After being declared a Global Metal Discovery by Metal Hammer UK in January 2009, Cultura Tres is again in the spotlight of its editors. And again their appearance includes the word "global" which is kind of symbolical - band members are currently scattered across three different continents. “El Sur De La Fe”, a track from their second full length album "El Mal Del Bien", is featured on the Global Metal Compilation CD which comes for free with each copy of the latest edition of the magazine. The compilation includes music from fifteen metal bands from around the world - Lebanon, Mexico, Andorra, Macedonia and more. Metal Hammer UK is out now in Europe and on October 11th in the US.

Cultura Tres (Alejandro LondoƱo – vocals, guitar; Juan Manuel de Ferrari – guitar, Alonso Milano - bass, and David Abbink –drums)self-released “El Mal Del Bien” in South America in March 2011. Since then it has been receiving excellent feedback from sludge and stoner underground media, including a 9/10 points review from the cult Doommantia.