Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CULTURA TRES: "Purified" featured on OneMetal.com's Screen Test

In depth tongue-in-cheek review of the "Purified" video. Hilarious!

"........If you paid any attention to the introduction to this article, you’ll probably have guessed that upon hearing ‘Purified’, I was really quite impressed. The track manages to walk a very effective balance between sea-sick, lurching riffs, post-metal peak-and-trough dynamics, and queasy melody shot through with just enough concession towards accessability to keep the whole affair from becoming either too abrasive or too abstract. In fact, at times ‘Purified’ puts me in mind of what might happen if you force-fed Alice In Chains fistfuls of Tramadol and made them jam with slightly out-of-tune instruments while standing in a bouncy castle – only, you know, a hell of a lot more coherent and listenable than any music that scenario would actually produce. There’s a moment about three minutes into the track where a restrained, bluesy solo breaks gloriously through chiming octave chord melodies and introduces some melodic uplift to the otherwise bleak, nerve-scraping proceedings – an inclusion that could have been jarring, but instead fits snugly into the track and shows that Cultura Tres have a confident, assured grasp on the scope and possibilities of their sound......."

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