Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CULTURA TRES - "Purified" video released

“Purified” , the new video from the Venezuelan sludge band Cultura Tres, can be watched through the link below. It is for the second single from their sophomore album ‘El Mal del Bien’ and was directed by Juan de Ferrari and Alejandro Londono.

The storyline of the video connects to the first single ‘Propiedad de Dios’. It evokes imagery from the collective subconsciousness about religious and political convictions, which is the source of inspiration for the whole concept album of 'El Mal del Bien'.

Coinciding with the video release, ‘Purified’ can be downloaded at Bandcamp for a ‘name-your-price’ deal, as well as the album ‘El Mal del Bien’ (2011) and the debut album ‘La Cura’ (2008).

And for the European sludge and doom metal fans: Cultura Tres will do a European Tour in spring 2012 together with Banda de la Muerte, starting at the already notorious Desertfest in London. Don’t miss the chance to hear the sound of the South American Sludge!