Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CULTURA TRES - The Soda Shop review

"I tried to think of one word to describe El Mal Del Bien. I couldn’t do it so I’ll use a few. Heavy, thick, sludgey, doomy, gloomy. While sludge music really isn’t normally my thing, I was able to find myself getting into this one.
According to Google translate, El Mal Del Bien mean “Evil from Good.” Sounds reasonable. The album is after all, the perfect one for a soundtrack to a deathfest movie. Even during the rare moment where it’s not being all doomy and sludgy, it still is. There’s even times when the album hits a bit of a progressive metal stride (“El Sur De La Fe”).
The album is only 8 tracks long however there are 4 bonus tracks that come with the download. One of those is a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Black Sabbath” which is actually a pretty faithful version to the original.
Stream the album below and if it’s your thing (it is, right!) download it for free. There is a vinyl version available and anyone interested in a copy should contact the band to see how you can get yours."

Check it out  HERE