Tuesday, 7 February 2012

CULTURA TRES - Temple Of Perdition review of "El Mal Del Bien"

"This is the first time I've been listening a band from Venezuela, but I know that since the late 80's South America is generally more wellknown for death and thrash metal bands than for the doom and sludge genres... Things evolute, thanx to a few very talented bands like PROCESSION from Chile and our heroes of the day : CULTURA TRES ... Their first album "la cura" had yet received an enthusiastic reception by the worldwide underground with a punchy piece of METAL, introducing elements of doom, sludge and a delightful post-something (rock or core depending of the songs)  edge, the whole stuff being characterized by a very skilled sense of composition.
Released in March, their new album "el mal del bien" is a pretty outstanding confirmation and goes far further, of course not that I could have doubted about their abilities, but I'm very positively struck by as much professionalism and strong identity, not only musically but in the band's general attitude too. The guys exactly know what they want and by their own (production by Alejandro LondonĂ´ -guit/voc-, release of all their material, videos, tours, promotion...) they give themselves all the means to succeed, which is a real performance, knowing they've yet toured Europe, Japan and several times South America, including this spring just after this 2nd effort came out....."

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