Tuesday, 27 March 2012

BANDA DE LA MUERTE: Interview for Temple Of Perdition

"Argentinean STONER is again under our lights with the surprising BANDA de la MUERTE and their excellent 2nd album "Pulso de una Mente Maldita", to be officially released this week, simultaneously with their first steps in Europe in the company of their S.A. brothers of CULTURA TRES...
This new album shows a great improvement in terms of structures, catchiness, melodies... It's also not just the better production but vocals are deeper too, the rhythmic section more tight and thick, solos are amazing; even if there's 2 fast and short songs, this is still powerful and heavy but more refined, less raw and punk... Vocals in spanish add a special touch to some potential "Radio-Stoner" Hits that you should hurry-up to discover ! Support these guys by checking out this hot masterpiece  and/or by going to one of their European live shows (the line-up in Birmingham is absolutely awesome but Dutch and other dates are worth going too !) ... Xoni (voc) answered a few questions :

* Hey guys, first, thanx for accepting this interview... Your sophomore album "pulso de una merte maldita" just came out, there's positive reviews from foreign blogs (written in english) but how are the 1st reactions in Argentina (where I suppose the expectations were pretty high, considering the 1st album had a great success but came out more than two years ago) ... ?
Hey! Thank you very much for the interest.
We don’t care about expectations, at all. We just focus on our songs. I think that if you are thinking about what others want your album to sound like, then you are not doing honest music, and BANDA DE LA MUERTE is about being hones to yourself......"

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