Sunday, 29 April 2012


"Nine pieces, since the opening of the disk, immersed in speedy rivers of distorted and muddy guitars and bass, accompanied by a rapid and powerful rhythm section mixed with slow (in some ways) almost doomy and an outspoken rough and scratchy vocals.

Apocalyptic atmosphere a la Black Sabbath that does not hide the desolation of human nature, whose fate is accomplished at the moment of death ("Tiempo muerto" and "Hombre muerto caminando"). The human being condemned to oblivion with sick and polluted candor. Black twilight visions and thoughts. This is what matters to be revealed about Banda De La Muerte (.....) Hot, hot, this music (and deadly) Argentinean "banda" proved to be a nice surprise.They have already crossed the borders of Argentina, landing on European soil for various live performances and this success, Banda de la Muerte, they deserve it all."

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