Thursday, 19 April 2012

BANDA DE LA MUERTE: "Pulso de una Mente Maldita" live video presentation featured in the April edition of Vandala Concepts e-zine and on Video Wednesday feature on Vandala Blog!

The extremely kind people from the Canadian site Vandala Concepts included the announcement of the live video presentation of "Pulso de una Mente Maldita" in the April issue of their e-zine. The issue contains great and varied selection of reviews, interviews and news announcements and can be read here: Vandala E-zine

Not only that, but the video is included in the Video Wednesday feature on Vandala Blog with the following comment: 

"Not very often do you see a video of the whole album being played and when it does it is usually pretty low grade but not for the Argentinean heavy rockers Banda De Muerte. They  have recently  released their newest album “Pulso de una Mente Maldita” which is their sophomore album. Not only have they released a new album they also had professionally shot footage of themselves performing the release in its entity.

The video was recorded live at one of the biggest night clubs of Buenos Aires, Palacio Alsina and is directed by the Gardel Awards nominee Emiliano Ferrando and recorded, mixed and mastered by Gonzalo "P├íjaro" Rainoldi. It is the official premiere of “Pulso de una Mente Maldita” which will was released on March 29th via the Argentinean label Zonda Records.

The thing about the video you can see the emotion of the music, I being both a visual and audio person it is nice to see both. It not being in English this video makes the music understandable. Caught myself singing along. The thing about the video I love is they never stop and you can see the sweat with the emotion, and there is nothing fancy just music.  Also the chances of seeing the band live are low thus a video like this is great to see a band live across the world. Plus as a business sense it is great promotion."