Thursday, 12 April 2012

CULTURA TRES and BANDA DE LA MUERTE appearance on the International Powerhouse of DOOM! @ Scruffy Murphy's in Birmingham, 5/4/2012

"However the sliver lining to the late running order swap is that we are there to see Argentina’s Banda De La Muerta. And they prove that metal music truly is a universal language. Singing in their mother tongue they are no less enjoyable for that. Their obvious debt to the classic British Heavy Rock sound means they were always going to go down well here."

"Final support band are Venezulas Cultura Tres. They are the heaviest band on show by quite a way, with a quirky, sludgy sound. Most of their tracks are Spanish, although, like Banda De La Muerte this barely matters. Their message is one of hope and inclusion and the fact that music can bring everyone together and there is nothing wrong with that."