Thursday, 19 April 2012

CULTURA TRES: "El Mal Del Bien" review on BENOISE.COM

This review by Emanuele Giaconi from BENOISE.COM (thanks for being so cool) probably  holds at least one world record and connected parties know what I'm talking about.

".......Cultura Tres know how to work with sounds and noises and often demonstrate this at the beginning or end of some of their pieces. They use ideas from the South American tradition to enrich the dark atmosphere…......."El Sur de la Fe" is the greatest proof of class violence, megalithic riffs, rhythm section hard as the wall, sang vigorously and that leaves places at the right moments for space guitars, psychedelic colors of dark and black magic................The most curious thing, perhaps, is that despite being a hard metal, the more exact time to enjoy the work may be in the quiet of the night listening through headphones.
Among the most pleasantly surprising recent discoveries, no ifs or buts."

 The review is originally written in Italian and can be found here: BENOISE.COM - pornografia musicale