Sunday, 29 April 2012

CULTURA TRES: South American Sickness - interview for Doommantia by Aleks Evdokimov

"Attentive readers of doommantia already know about monumental sludge doom band Cultura Tres (Venezuela), my colleague of Sleeping Shaman provided a good interview with the band (HERE) and Mari Moroni wrote detailed review of band’s last release “El Mal Del Bien”(HERE). But listen – there’s always something that you can discuss with such grand men as ones who stand behind Cultura Tres, they’ve just returned from Desert Fest and have a lot to tell. In such times I’m glad and satisfied with things which I do here because if it helps to spread a word of such bands, then I do my work not in vain. Salute to Alejandro Londono (guitars, vocal), he’s on-line today.

Hi Alejandro! My colleague of Sleeping Shaman has missed this point, that’s why I’d like to ask you introduce the crew of Cultura Tres for our readers. Let it be first question for today.

-Cultura Tres is a band from Maracay, Venezuela. Alejandro (vocals, guitar), Juan (guitar, backing vocals) and Alonso (bass) know each other since childhood, and David (drums) was met later on. We absolutely love performing on stage, cooking, good company, traveling and making music, so we quickly hit it off together with Cultura Tres! Some more info about the individual members besides Cultura Tres: Alejandro works as an audio engineer, Juanma as a light engineer and video editor, Alonso has a company in light and sound, and David works as a scientist and teacher at a university. So together we have a wide variety of skills to make our band grow the way we like it: DIY!"

You can read the entire interview HERE