Sunday, 27 May 2012

BANDA DE LA MUERTE: review of the new album on Global Domination

The very critical staff of the Swedish metal site Global Domination has some really cool things to say about "Pulso de una Mente Maldita"

"(....)The album starts with “Te estás dejando mentir” which has an incredibly catchy chorus and makes me want to sing along even if I don’t know Spanish. The guitars are nice and thick delivering chunky riffs and Xoni’s gravelly vocals are pretty spot on. “Parte de mi Historia” is a little more punkish in flavour but again it’s the catchy vocal lines that get stuck in my head and the chilled out melody at the end is pretty cool. “Tiempo Muerto” starts soft and slow before a driving guitar riff and some pretty cool drumming give the song some momentum and another catchy vocal line from Xoni definitely helps matters here with a soaring chorus. “El sol salió del sur” is a raucous punk rock song that literally comes out of nowhere amidst all the melodic and catchy hard rock and is pretty fucking cool. “Hombre Muerto Caminando” is noisy and bass driven garage rock and works really well showing off a slightly different and more abrasive side to the band. The album closes with the title song which is melodic and reflective with a steady bass thump serving as rhythm while the guitars float around backing Xoni’s vocals very nicely.

I have to say that the production on this album is pretty great. The guitars sound just dirty enough to always have some bite, the drums sound perfectly mixed and the bass sound is pretty fucking great. Also, Xoni’s ability to come up with a string of catchy choruses really works in the bands favour.(.....)"

You can find the rest HERE