Sunday, 27 May 2012

CULTURA TRES: Valley of Steel review of "El Mal Del Bien"

Thanks to Eric, more nice words for Cultura Tres from VALLEY OF STEEL

"(.....)These guys had first come across my radar just prior to the release of that Book of Riff-Elationscompilation, when I read about them playing some shows over in Europe with our British friends Undersmile. So the band name (which literally means “Culture Three” but idiomatically refers to life in the so-called ‘Third World’) jumped out at me when I saw it in the tracklisting. Naturally, I had to give their song “No es mi Verdad” (“It is Not My Truth”) a quick listen, and it was so deliciously sludgey and doomy that I just had to grab both of the band’s full-length releases, 2008′s La Cura(“The Cure”), and last year’s El Mal del Bien (literally, “Bad from Good” or “Wrong from Right”). Both of these are available to download (for free or whatever price you choose), but the newer one was also recently released on vinyl, so I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about that now, Dear Reader.

As soon as this album’s opening track “Propiedad de Dios” (“Property of God”) kicks off, it’s immediately obvious that what we’re dealing with here is darker, slower, doomier, and heavier than its predecessor. The tracks seem a little bit longer, on average — not just because some of the tempos are slower, but also because there is a bit more variety in the structure and dynamic range. (....)"

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