Tuesday, 19 June 2012

BANDA DE LA MUERTE: The Ripple Effect speaks!

Wonderful words about "Pulso de una Mente Maldita" coming from Racer and The Ripple Effect:

"It's long been said that music is universal.

Let me be the first to add that heaviness is too. 

Doesn't matter the language, hometown, or culture; one blistering mammoth-sized detuned riff followed by another, a drummer pounding the skins like Mike Tyson beating on a 5th grade bully, and a bass player laying it down so thick and low it's nearly subterranean, is heavy in any language.

And Banda de la Muerta know this.

Coming from Argentina, Banda de la Muerta (Band of the Dead) take stoner, metal, grunge, and a touch of hardcore and simply lay waste to the Argentinian pampas.  This is brutally heavy stuff, and brutally good.  Right off the bat, "Te Estas Dejando Mentir" brings in that perfect combination of riffing, time changes, melody and groove to weld itself directly to my frontal cortex.  Or wherever my pleasure zone is.  Staggering riffs lead us in, with some cutting guitar work for texture.  Xon's vocals are dynamically textured, roughened and guttural, like the bottle of whiskey was immediately followed by a bottle of aguardiente.   Sure, I don't know what they're singing about, my rudimentary Spanish just ain't good enough, but I know he's pissed.  That works in any language.  Simply put, this is one of my favorite heavy tracks of the year so far.(....)"

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