Tuesday, 5 June 2012

BANDA DE LA MUERTE: Valley of Steel review

Thanks to Eric for the support!

"Awash in feedback, and opening with a riff as thunderous and heavy as a chugging freight train (and, incidentally, just a bit reminiscent of the beginning of “Them Bones”), the album’s first track “Te Estás Dejando Mentir” (possibly “You’re Left Lying” or “You’re Lying Apart” or perhaps something else altogether — Google is sort of vague here) leaves no doubt that the band means serious business here. The vocals still have a trace of melody to them, and even some harmonies in the background parts; this is especially noticeable in tracks like the previously mentioned “Parte de Mi Historia,” as well as the wonderfully bass-driven “Hombre Muerto Caminando” (“Dead Man Walking”), for example. But have no doubt, this collection songs is heavy as hell; and also, on average, perhaps a little more riff-centric than those that came before. 

Interestingly, just like its predecessor, this album also contains one grind-esque track, “El Sol Salió del Sur” (“The Sun Came Out of the South”), which clocks in at a mere 54 seconds of punky fury."

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