Wednesday, 27 June 2012

FINDUMONDE: "Licantropia" review by Temple of Perditon

"Out from Argentina, FINDUMONDE formed in 2009 and consist in former and current members of Jesus Martyr, Avernal and Embodiment, solid acts of the local scene, but with this "Licantropia" I wouldn't be surprised if this new project become quickly a priority for each members, leading their future plans far beyond the supposed fatidical of 21th December 2012 !!!
FINDUMONDE is a brutal DM band, in its rawest and straightest form, highly loud and brutal with blast beats, shredding guitars and ferocious growled vocals. They could be ranged somewhere between Napalm Death and Misery Index, constantly sharp and aggressive but (to my ears) not eying at all on lacerating grindcore, FINDUMONDE rather adds nicely a few different elements that make the difference. First and mainly, the vocals in spanish obviously give a special touch to the overall, a promising personnality enhanced by some thrashy overtones here and there which could effectively remind the thickness and unpredictability of the best Strapping Young Lad.
Constantly wild and brutal, just slightly melodic, the band does not  try to sound old-school, neither too modern with a too synthetical sound. Also this is not particularly influenced by a special school  -no US, no Sweden-like pale copies-, but on the other hand nothing new in particular, it's just like they did a great synthesis of the best displayed in the DM planet over the years and I think this deserve respect and attention."