Sunday, 1 July 2012

CULTURA TRES: Live in Bits Sessions

Live video performance of Cultura Tres for the can be watched below.

Video streaming by Ustream
The Bits Sessions were recorded during a live broadcasting from Backstage Studios in Caracas, Venezuela and include interview with the band. Cultura Tres discuss their DIY approach, the development of the South American stoner/sludge scene and their career outside Venezuela. 

Cultura Tres and Pendejo are playing at various events in South America this summer, including the first Stoner/ Sludge fest in Venezuela which will take place in the Cultura Tres home town of Maracay. Banda de la Muerte will join in Buenos Aires as a follow-on of their mini tour in The Netherlands earlier this year.

Confirmed dates of the Cultura Tres El Mal Del Bien Gira Suramericana 2012 so far are as follows:
30.06 - Maracay, Venezuela @ Dudeland – First Sludge/Stoner fest in Venezuela feat. Cultura Tres, ¡Pendejo! ,Alfombra Roja, Ovotitan
06.07 - Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Espacio GBA Club - Banda de la Muerte, CulturaTres, ¡Pendejo!
11.07 - Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Roxy (BS En Llamas) - FINDUMONDE, Banda de la Muerte, Cultura Tres, ¡Pendejo!
13.07 - Lima (Peru) @ Oscura Ofrenda Vol.1 doom fest feat. Reino ErmitaƱo, CulturaTres, ¡Pendejo!, Conan
19.07 - Caracas, Venezuela @ Teatro Bar – Cultura Tres, La Mar
20.07 - Valencia, Venezuela @ Teatro Bar – Cultura Tres, La Mar