Thursday, 19 July 2012

FINDUMONDE: reviews of "Licantropia"

Now this album I get.  Licantropia is a furious, blistering fast sort of blast beat fueled death metal.  Raw, guttural growls that are low in register and fast, sweeping sorts of riffs with occasional Slayer-esque discordance.  Sparse on the breakdowns, this album mostly plows straight ahead.
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My first impression from the FINDUMONDE debut was mouth wide open and surrender to this extreme metal supergroup. From Warbreed (which was formed by members of Mastifal, Serpentor, Embodiment y Carnarium) no extreme metal band has surprised so much with its debut. The thing is that FINDUMONDE is comprised of members of Avernal, JesusMartyr and Embodiment and it is surprising and a thing to be proud of that they are Argentineans. Quite similar to the new modern extreme metal bands, FINDUMONDE makes deathcore more oriented to metal than to hardcore, with riffs strongly influenced by the blackened death metal and technical death metal vocals, quite heavy breakdowns and thunderous drums courtesy of Edu - eight tracks at full speed. Excellent!
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FINDUMONDE shoot at our face death metal that sounds old school, but manage to mix it with modern sounds, regarding in particular certain passages, reaching to the limit of deathcore, but deathcore is not played at all. That's what you will hear from the first track "Lycanthropus", where the group not only shows to us those breakdowns that characterize the album but it does use quite frequently dissonant riffs. Riffs that reach up to speed worthy of a brutal death metal, (overdriven riffs as well as others and seem to be out) from the 90s. Another characteristic of the band is that the songs are in Spanish. One factor that certainly gives more personality to the band.
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“Licantropia” rips. Burly, belligerent death metal will never go out of style. (Wait, it's two thousand and what?)
Guitar riffs churn. Drums take an unhealthy beating. The vocalist barks. In Spanish. Heads will bang. Findumonde don't bring anything new to the universe of recorded music, but their 20-minute set will slay from the stage. I envision this band playing festivals to the early-cuz-we're-unemployed crowd with afternoon sun still in their eyes, but that's perfect because somebody's got to stake out the pit perimeter and bring in the venue's beer money. Fuck the full moon. Wake the wolf now.
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Findumonde's Licantropia is lycanthropic themed death metal from Argentina. Furious blast beats, angry guttural growling, and lean riffing with the occasional dissonant flashes. Add a general sense of pissedofness, and you got something that is not core, not old-school, just straight ahead death metal. And nothing wrong with that.
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