Sunday, 19 August 2012

Latest reviews

"Things I like about it: the musicianship is really tight, the mix is powerful and muscular, the pace of the tunes is relentless and the throaty, Spanish-sung, vocals are all about business - a good dose of rage and anger has been exorcised from the members throughout the 8 songs on offer, that's for sure. Such aggressive style should go down well in a live setting, with a mass of sweaty, hardcore headbangers giving their all. If fast-paced, South American metal with tendencies of hitting you train-wreck style sounds like fun to you, then this is the album to own." [7]

METALLIZED.IT, review in Italian
"In essence, in our hands is something very good: we are not dealing with a masterpiece because of some less brilliant songs and, in particular, a certain static vocal lines, but Pulso De Una Mente Maldita is a powerful and compact job and (with a lot of iron in the fire). You'd certainly like to give more of a chance to the gringos of Banda De La Muerte, which for sure, if they continue like this, can gather a lot of success."

NOIZY.GR, review in Greek
"Very good production, based on guitars that sound crisp and large, thrashing drums and vocals have this feature something in complexion. There is the great voice we've come in the idiom of Stoner (aka Spice, my child!), On the other hand of course, this band plays and many more things and throat sticky with all that much. Incidentally, this riff in "El miedo" it could have been written by Dickinson! Metal? Since 'go, play and such. As they play and Punk / Core statements with "El sol salio del sur", with just over 54 seconds, reminding us even SOD! While smiling, having already heard the one minute for the second time in the lid, one Slayer unleash our theme and then a somewhat pattern with Soundgarden "Espiritu en paz". Very wood riff, really brutal ..." (Google translate) 

MONDO METAL, review in Italian
"A concept album absolutely excellent, well made and able to be appreciated not only by lovers of sludge and doom, but also by those looking for sounds that were not necessarily pushed to the limit. Definitely listen to evaluate with your ears."