Saturday, 22 September 2012


Here's another awesome review on "Pulso de una Mente Maldita" coming from DOOMMABBESTIA

"What would you expect from a band called Band Of The Death proposing a full-length called Impulse Of A Cursed Mind?

Nothing good, you would say.

And you’d be wrong.

All the opposite, Banda De La Muerte propose a pure adrenalin 9-track.

Stoner? For Sure. Sludge? Maybe. Punk? Absolutely. Heavy? Not even to be asked. 
A huge percentage of each of these genres can be found in Pulso De Una Mente Maldita, letting this album make your neck move, getting to the end with no perception of time passing by. They can be found separatly here, but how interesting it would be to hear a letal mix of all of them! – and this four Argentinian guys are surely able to do this.

A powerful drum, which doesn’t allow you to rest, with its continuous betas that seem to break the drum heads and to go through your headphones; heavy-metal distortions lying incredibly at their ease on every above mentioned genre, so rubbing, lacerating, pleasantly caustic; a bass guitar perfectly playing in its role between rhythmic and melodic, with that profound sound melting your soul ad your will, proudly facing the prima donnas: guitar and voice, a voice that doesn’t accept to be misunderstood, talking in Spanish, mostly rough, dirty, aggressive – and effected to sound double, the same duplicity found in an insane mind. Insane like those ever-present feedbacks, which open and close the album, like that frequent blink to noise and dissonance, so disturbing, so pleasant....."