Wednesday, 19 September 2012

CULTURA TRES: New video premiere scheduled for October 12th

Via Cultura Tres "El Sur De La Fe" Video Release Page on Facebook

"Their bodies swelled with greed, and their hunger was ravenous"

On October 12th we will present, here and on You Tube, our latest video for the song "El Sur De La Fe".

October 12th 1492 is officially marked as the date of the "Discovery". Unofficially, this date marks the beginning of one of the biggest and most extended genocides in the history of mankind. During the following centuries countless numbers of people were exterminated, enslaved or forcefully removed from their lands and social and cultural achievements of hundreds of different nations were erased from the face of the earth in a brutal and relentless campaign for gold with the legal and moral sanction of the church.

We don't know what would have happened if our continent wasn't '"discovered" and the "greatness" of European religions and cultures wasn't brought to the Indigenous peoples. We know that repressive, genocidal and extermination policies are still present in many parts of the world, supported by the governments of the so called first world countries. We know that in 21st century Religion is still married to Politics; and that this marriage is still used to instill fear and maintain ignorance, often backed up by one of their most faithful children: War. 
This is what this clip is about.

"El Sure De La Fe" is a song from the second album of Cultura Tres, "El Mal Del Bien". You can listen and download it for free here:

and you can watch live performance from Desertfest London earlier this year here: