Wednesday, 3 October 2012


".......Everything feels very laboured when it comes to the pace of Cultura Tres and their music, just how they want it to be! Taking a methodical approach to their sludge laden Doom Metal the band manage to pull off a deeply depressive as well as oppressive vibe! With a heavy Death/Doom influence as well as Sludge, Cultura Tres let their sound wander freely and explore the soundless void around them, the results are creeping darkened sound, musically proficient but creatively vast and constantly expanding outwards.

If I had to describe “El Mal Del Bien” as anything it would be an album of contrasts. Capable of being ruthlessly heavy and dominant, yet spending a vast amount of time searching their more melodic and intricate nature, this album is neither one thing nor the other yet excels at both with what appears to be the greatest of ease! Rather than battering their audience with the audio equivalent of an onslaught of noise and riff-age, Cultura Tres choose to build gradually but be not mistaken, this bands aura and energy is as heavy as they come!

“El Mal Del Bien” then is a superb album, sublimely delicate in places yet crushingly heavy in others, two sides of the same coin that compliment each other remarkably!" [8/10 - LUKE HAYHURST]

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