Saturday, 27 October 2012

CULTURA TRES: Review by Metal Underground

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"If you have only had a chance to catch a couple of songs from Cultura Tres, do yourself a favor and listen to their recent second album, "El Mal del Bien," from cover to cover. It is only then that you may get the true picture of the entire style of this Venezuelan sludge band. Cultura Tres goes beyond the parameters of simple sludge and has upped the ante by including a variety of interesting touches on this album.

"El Mal del Bien" (the bad from the good) is exactly that. Vocalist/guitarist Alejandro LondoƱo and his bandmates take the bleakness of their sound and amplify it exponentially into new territory. You have the atonal and heavier sludge riffs that bear a resemblance to the sicker moments of Alice In Chains on "Purified," yet the psychedelic and insidious musical direction that drips with even more disenfranchisement.

While you'll find that many of Cultura Tres's songs lumber riff after lugubrious riff, it is the dense interludes that make many of the songs epic. "Propiedad de Dios" descends into half-speed leads and an outro that betrays a weary whisper into a mantra. And while a lot of instrumentals can get passe, "Los Muertos de Mi Color" is downright transfixing. The ancestral percussion builds in tumescence around a subtle soundbite about Christianity and the raping of Latin American culture............."

Highs: Haunting and mesmerizing sludge metal
Lows: Not too many; only a few moments of redundancy
Bottom line: A band that pushes the borders by incorporating a variety of sounds.