Saturday, 27 October 2012


Read the whole article (in German) by Jörg Holland Jopp at FATALGRIND

"Still relatively fresh in the business and with the debut just on call waiting, but even with several, many years of experience in the neck, you can look forward to a smart, straightforward and quite brutal number from Argentina. Findumonde combine influences of various subgenres as Cannibal Corpse will be as much to bear as Sepultura and corigen kiddies or Aborted and Decapitated. The beginning makes a slightly supercooled song, with several black allusions. Throughout the album, the loses quickly. On artificially generated atmosphere and creepy exterior lies the bane of fast non-existence. In fact, it's just about fix to play forward to show from time to time, that technology is not stolen debt and the pace almost continuously to maintain a high level. Solis are rather rare and are usually caught between raging drums and roaring lead guitar until their breath away. Moderate passages have the typical modernized touch with Stop & Go and staccato grooves. Most successful but I find the singing of Christian Rodriguez, who has in The Killing already broken through the sound barrier with acoustic booster. The disc is sung entirely in Spanish, and get through the incredible presence of the singer before the kick. Spanish just sounds so cool when a madman with healthy lungs and pissed off mood shouts out his vocals. That helped me already fallen in Goregast and here at native speakers that will come much richer and more authentic. Supported by an almost constantly occupied with killer riffs and as effective lead guitar that anchors a number of hooks in the flesh, an aspiring Sames duo fought their way to a promising album."