Saturday, 27 October 2012

FINDUMONDE: "Licantropia" review by Wings of Death

Read the whole article (in Dutch) at WINGS OF DEATH

via the not very good with Dutch Google Translate:

"It is the content that counts. Comprising seventeen minutes are divided into eight chapters which bloodthirsty FinDuMonde effective synthesis exhibits of modern death metal, black metal which is a bit hardcore and a touch of industrial. A contemporary mix of modern extreme metal so.

With a compelling intro the feeding frenzy loose with the overwhelming Lycanthropus. The almost mechanical production is the first thing that strikes. Extremely professional and quite fat blares the noise from your speakers. The mechanical sounding sound brings a chill atmosphere with it that characterizes the album. Ominous blast passages are easily alternated with steaming grooves.

The following Ataque Sorpresivo is because the thrash attitude somewhat obstinate character. The Spanish texts, with excellence ingebruld by Cristian Rodriguez, contribute also to this. Carne has a bit more menacing black metal elements. The song is over before you know it. And that goes for more songs..."