Wednesday, 3 October 2012


"...... It’s a mature style of Death Metal that hits you in wave after wave of violence when Findumonde chime into things! None of your shock tactic porno or gore Grind/DM for these boys, just a barrage of hard hitting riffs, brutal drumming and harsh vocals all put together with such quality and expertise that i am quite amazed! Creatively the band excel, their collective imagination is in pure overdrive for this release and for a debut it should also be pointed out that this is a spectacular success!!

Never seeming to take it’s foot off of the gas, “Lycantropia” is a sledge-hammer blow to the standards of Death Metal. Featuring well timed and even better executed break downs the band keeps things fresh and interesting but at the same time they never release the intense pressure that builds and builds throughout this albums duration!......" [8/10 - LUKE HAYHURST]

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