Wednesday, 3 October 2012

FINDUMONDE: New "Licantropia" review from Aristocrazia Webzine

A review by Mourning and ARISTOCRAZIA WEBZINE (special thank you to St├ęphane le Saux)

".....The platter is well thought out, the development of the songs is arrembante and leaves room for a couple of short delays, however, have matched. The voice of Christian Rodriguez applies nell'imbastardire the test with a sullen growl and apparently particularly malleable, given that complies always with due weight and charge the episode that goes to interpret.
The same you can do for the rhythm section composed of Edu Turco and Pablo Ternavasio, drums and bass respectively, the two musicians are a perfectly oiled machine that a continuous stream pours violence thickening and strengthening the destructive work of the guitar by Sebastian Barrionuevo.
Dwelling on what is the best piece of "Licantropia" is really unnecessary, it is a hit and run that must be consumed in a single dose and is so fast-paced that the natural consequence of such excitement might be the "repeat" down a couple of times below......"

Read the rest HERE (in Italian)