Sunday, 11 November 2012

CULTURA TRES: "El Mal Del Bien" latest reviews

Demonic Nights, Austria
"Cultura Tres understand their craft, explain the songwriting to art and let their Sludge Doom Melange sound a little differently than it would do the masses. Stay here but stick around a track exotic bonus, or are the South Americans 'different' enough to score points? The truth probably lies somewhere in between, "El Mal Del Bien" bangs. A successor will be in the works."
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Lords of Metal, The Netherlands
"...This unusual band surprises me in this genre for sure. Just listen to the creepy Los Muertes De Mi Color besides a riff monster No Es Mi Verdad or the sweet beautiful The Grace, just to catch a glimpse of what they do on this El Mal Del Bien. Big attitude, big expectations, great album.....84/100" 
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Vandala E-Zine, Canada
"Cultura Tres is blasting soundwaves of the most awesome south american metal I've heard since Sepultura. (….) This being an introduction to this band, my first thought was "why have I not listen to these guys before?" (….) "the composition is absolutely breathtaking. these guys really need to tour North America....” 4.5/5 
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Stahlseele, Germany
"Already sounding gloomy lyrical atmosphere characterizes this sound monster from the field stoner rock and sludge metal act with fascinating additions of other genres without torn! An incredibly good album that is well worth for established fans of the genre..." 
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