Friday, 2 November 2012

CULTURA TRES: Exclusive Idioteq Interview

Interview with Cultura Tres for IDIOTEQ. Some future plans discussed here.....Thanks to Karol Kaminsky!

CULTURA TRES, a Venezuelan sludge / psychedelic metal band, are putting out their new album “El Mal Del Bien” on November 12th via the UK label Devouter Records. We are giving you a chance to find out what’s in these guys’ heads right before the big day. We discussed the album, touring, their inspirations and more. A good read to start with if they’re new to you.

“El Mal Del Bien” was originally self-released digitally / on vinyl in South America in 2011 and on vinyl world wide in the beginning of 2012. The outing received tons of great reviews honoring their outstanding performance, going beyond the borders of sludge and putting interesting touches on this album.

Hey! Thanks so much for taking some time with us, guys. Is everything cool in CULTURA TRES camp? Where are you right now? How are you? [smiles]

Hola que tal? Gracias a ustedes! We’re ok thanks. We’re preparing things for our visit in the UK next month, to support the CD release of our second album there.

Yeah, you’re putting it out on November 12th via Devouter Records. Tell us about what’s different comparing to the original 2011 release of the album? What formats have you decided to use this time? Tell us all about the differences between both editions.

Well, officially we released “El Mal Del Bien” on vinyl in South America and then we have been selling it on internet and at our shows. We’re glad that Devouter Records is putting out our album, that way we can reach even more people at the other side of the globe.  In that sense it feels like a new release, even though we’re already quite known in the underground. But we expect that this will help us to get our album in new places and to a new public outside the underground scene. This release will be on CD, a Digipack to be exact. It actually contains two songs that don’t appear on the vinyl, so make sure you get your hands on one of them!

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