Friday, 2 November 2012

CULTURA TRES: Metal Kaoz review

"Combining powerful crushing Doomy guitars, merciless Sludge tunes and thick cinematic atmosphere, CULTURA TRES have created a deep, chaotic ALICE IN CHAINS-esque sound that could be the perfect soundtrack for a Jodorowsky movie, if the famous filmmaker decided to make a death/gore/horror movie and you’ll understand why soon after having pushed the ‘play’ button. CULTURA TRES have a great sound, sometimes reminding BLACK SABBATH’s Holy writes, and others showcasing their South origin (even some SEPULTURA references are scattered here and there). But the band’s real ace in its sleeve is the ability to blend all these influences (without giving you a headache) into the most horror-ific sound you’ve ever heard. This is colored with a South American accent and Milano’s killer bass lines solidifying the rhythm section and I advise you to use headphones while listening to “El Sur De La Fe”, “No Es Mi Verdad” or the QOTSA-laden intro of the self-titled track to really understand my saying."

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