Monday, 3 June 2013

CULTURA TRES Release New Video For “Es Mi Sangre”

The South American sludge metal keeps showing its ugly face - following the premiere of Cultura Tres' third album "Rezando Al Miedo" the Venezuelans come up with the first video supporting this release.

"Es Mi Sangre" displays once more the band's twisted, uncomfortable take on the genre. A more melodic side of Cultura Tres can be heard, but in this instance it is darker and more disturbing. 

The imagery of the video has been enhanced by the paintings of Damian Michaels; an artist known for his vast collection of dark surrealism. Damian's art blends perfectly with the Latin American witchery vibe which is omnipresent within the style of Cultura Tres.

Watch “Es Mi Sangre” here:

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