Friday, 3 April 2015

BANDA DE LA MUERTE are ready to shake 2015 with the launch of their new record “8894”.

BANDA DE LA MUERTE are streaming their new album "8894" on bandcamp though its official release date is April 15th. They just couldn't wait to show to the world what they did under the guidance of the great Jack Endino! The marvelous illustration on the cover is drawn by Pat Moriarity. 

The album release party will be held at The Roxy in Buenos Aires on April 15th 2015.

With the album title, the band gives a nod to the old school but it also connects them to their own musical roots, highlighting a period of seven years that profoundly marked them when they were teenagers. Thus, one could listen to how two decades can co exist without clashing: Hardcore-Punk from the late eighties, Alternative Rock from the early nineties and underpinned with a trace of Heavy Metal, all of thes sounds entwined to create a record that delves deeply into the past and then bursts into the present.

The band was blessed by the presence and magnetic personality of Jack Endino, a legendary producer with a very broad background, “Bleach” by Nirvana being his milestone amongst hundreds of others. His first time working with an Argentinian band tested both his knowledge and experience whilst working to understand and decode the influences and objectives of these four seasoned personalities.

The nine songs included in the album sound raw and essential, alternating from ultra-speeds to insistent mid-tempo. Carrying rhythmic accuracy, its freshness derives from the urgent ten day recording session at Estudio El Attic, where it was recorded and mixed in December 2014.

With “8894” Banda de la Muerte takes another firm and definite step. The band is not afraid to include piano, acoustic guitars and tambourines to enhance the crushing and well placed sound. Its leading heart-rending voice is at the front with lyrics telling harsh and claimable stories. The cover art, drawn by the great illustrator Pat Moriarity, hints at the sonic assault that awaits with every single song.

Banda de la Muerte was born at the end of 2008. It is a quartet that has been constantly evolving. In 6 years, the band has forged a solid path which includes two records opening the way: the eponymous album in 2009; Pulso de una Mente Maldita in 2012, released on 180 gram vinyl 7"; and the EP “Seis Canciones”, an original and colourful tribute to the Argentinean Rock of the 70’s, which saw the light of day as a picture disc. This format is a pretty unconventional one in the latitudes they come from.

Furthermore, Banda de la Muerte treasure two European Tours in 2012 and 2013, in the latter being part of Freak Valley festival. The very same year, they played the infamous Porão do Rock festival in Brazil sharing stage with artists such as Suicidal Tendencies, Mark Lanegan, The Mono Men and Soulfly. But the most important fact is that the band could look inwards, and in 2012 founded their own cycle of concerts, “El Club de la Muerte” which month after month rocked Uniclub, earning them a place in the scene. “El Club de la Muerte” evolved and after 11 editions moved to The Roxy Live to continue sponsoring the highlights of the local underground.

“8894”, the new album of Banda de la Muerte that will be released on vinyl, CD and cassette crystallizes as their best material to date. Its flashing and accurate 34 minutes ripen into an unmistakable identity, raising for themselves the flag as representatives of their style. This will be the launch of an invigorating new era for “La Muerte”, new era that will see them undertaking their third tour on the old continent in October 2015 to be also the hosts and residents in their outstanding monthly cycle.