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Banda de la Muerte is without doubt one of the most promising acts on the Argentinean underground heavy music scene. The band is part of the steadily gathering strength South American Sludge movement and is successfully implementing metal, stoner, sludge, hardcore punk traits into their music. Still, the label which the band would use is rock'n'roll. Pretty heavy and potent rock'n'roll indeed!

Each of the band members comes from a different background and adds own influences and experience to the maelstrom of emotions that is Banda de la Muerte. They manage to transmit these emotions to the stage, to strengthen them and to turn live performances into explosions of raw power and intense energy.

Banda de la Muerte self-titled debut album went out in Dec. 2009 and the second one, "Pulso de una Mente Maldita", was released on March 29th simultaneously with their very first European shows. The tour took them to The Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Germany and BelgiumBanda de la Muerte shared stage and toured with some of the biggest and most respected names of the South American underground like AvernalLos NatasDragonautaHumo del CairoCultura TresSick Porky.

Stay on the look-out for more to come from these guys. Because nobody has more zest for life than the Band of the Death!

Line up:
Xon - vocals, guitars
Leonardo Bianco - guitars
Nico Foresi - bass
Guillermo Gomez - drums
Former members:
Alfredo Felitte - drums (currently in Ararat)
Seba Barrionuevo - guitars (currently in FINDUMONDE)

Past and current projects of the band members: Buffalo, Jesus Martyr, Melissa, FINDUMONDE Niños Enfermos, Taura, The Killing, Melissa, etc.

"Banda de la Muerte" (2009)
"Pulso de una Mente Maldita" (2012) 

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Hypnotic, trippy, grim, devastating, infectious. These are just a few of the names that have been given to the music of Venezuela's Cultura TresThe band creates pretty unique atmospheric blend of doomsludgeexperimental metal and psychedeliaAllow them and they will take you on a journey saturated with dark and crushing melodiesdistortion and dissonancemood-filled sonic landscapes and obscure sounds.

The band has a strong DIY ethic - all music and videos are self-produced and self-released by the band members. Since its formation in 2006 Cultura Tres released an EP and two full-length albums, toured several times in South America and Europe and even reached the shores of Japan.

Cultura Tres prides itself on being part of the South American Sludge movement. Don't miss the chance to find out what the buzz is all about!

Line up:
Alejandro Londono - vocals, guitar
Juan de Ferrari - guitar, backing vocals
Alonso Milano - bass
David Abbink - drums
Former Members:
Darrell Laclé - bass (currently in I Saw The Deep)

Seis EP (2007)
"La Cura" (2008)
"El Mal Del Bien" (2011)


Formed in 2009 and consisting of current and former members of JesusMartyrAvernal and Embodiment, Argentinean death metal band FINDUMONDE released their debut album “Licantropia” in May 2012 via Cumpa Records.

Following the traditions of the finest South American extreme metal and drawing influences from such acts as Napalm Death, Strapping Young Lad and Pantera, FINDUMONDE manage to produce brutal and yet musically sophisticated and groovy sound, a fusion of intensitytightness and inventive riffing.

Line up:
Cristian Rodriguez – vocals
Sebastian Barrionuevo - guitar
Pablo “Pollo” Ternavasio - bass
Eduardo Turco – drums

"Licantropía" (2012)


S.I.M.B. (short for Satan Is My Bitch) was formed in the early 2008 in Amsterdam by few friends living long way from home. The project consists of former and present members of well known underground bands as Artery, Brothers in Blood and Ebanizm.  
The debut release of the band is produced and recorded by the independent American producer Joey Z, the owner of Method of Groove Productions and guitarist of the legendary Life Of Agony and Carnivore. It delivers uncompromising sound ranging from fuzzy doom,stoner, southern metal to even some hardcore and heavy gothic grooves. Their music is heavily influenced by acts such as Cathedral, Kyuss, Alabama Thunderpussy, Type O Negative, The Cult. The record has few interesting guest appearances as Matt Lynch (Snail), Joey Z (Life Of Agony), Busty (Bustardolomey), Jonathan van der Haak (I-Reject) & more.

Line up:
Gantcho 'Babbata' Kojuharov - vocals 
Svetoslav 'Sven' Georgiev - guitars and backups 
Deyan 'Chico' Monev - drums 
Nikolay 'Hubi' Hubenov - bass  

"Monday Superblues" (CD) 2013